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Good food, quick service, reasonable prices, very friendly people
Ed T. ,Waterbury CT

Amazing grinders
Gerald O. ,Wolcott CT

Great place
Good selection
Nice people
Dave T ,Cheshire CT

5 Stars
Art S. ,Waterbury CT

I’ve been to a lot of pizza restaurants in CT. This place is good. They know how to make a decent pizza that will have you coming back. One of my favorites in the area. Go there for your next pizza and you will be impressed
Lori A., Southington CT

Hitchcock is clearly the best place around and they make the most legit eggplant parm I’ve ever had!
Paula G., Prospect CT

Me and my family love this place. We go there all the time, it’s just the best pizza place around. Highly recommend it!
Robert G. ,Waterbury CT

I always try the different gourmet pizzas and love them all.
Nace S., Waterbury CT

Ordered every week faithfully – until we moved to Florida some years back. we ordered all types meatball to pepperoni. From any number of gourmets….They were all awesome!!! We miss the tropical tease and Chicken Ranch the MOST!!! Please Timmy open some branches here in Florida – these folks just don’t know what great pizza IS!!! Miss you! Tom and Lisa!
Tom V. ,Wolcott CT

My favorite pizza place near here.  The pizza is cheap and great.  Enough grease to make it satisfying.  I highly recommend it!
Derek G., Torrington CT

This place always impressed me. Great service and a great variety of pizza and other favorites. They also deliver. Well worth the trip!
Tim R., Wolcott CT

Stopped by on our way through town and had a delicious lunch! Calzone was perfect with flavorful red sauce. Service was very friendly.
Carrie S. ,Waterbury CT

FAVORITE! The staff are so friendly, the pizza super cheap & extra large, deliver in multiple towns and its actually good quality. They treat me like family, deliver far too far away, give me discounts and free soda. Im a New Yorker, I eat this and Ilianos in CT only. Ive tried everything local. Hitchcocks Mediterraineo (sp?) & Chick Pesto are amazing. Their pizza is on the drier crispier side, so no soppy crust, but hey some people like that. They make some of the cheeses themselves. Im going to miss them when I move back to the city, but thats why Ive got Mimis.
Miranda S. ,Cheshire CT

Great Pizza and Grinders.  Priced right.  Friendly service.  Try the Large special…it’s the best.
Harold E, Wolcott CT

Buffalo chicken pizza at its best. I’ve had good buffalo chicken pizza, I’ve had very good buffalo chicken pizza, I’ve even had exceptionally good buffalo chicken pizza, but I haven’t had buffalo chicken pizza as good as Hichcock’s. I have other pizza restaurants I go to but Hitchcock’s is one of my favorites.
Bill S. , Wolcott,CT


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